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This is taught by PABLO ÁLVAREZ MIRANDA - SOMMELIER certified at the Escuela de Cata Española in Madrid. This is a Course for Non-Connoisseurs or with slight experience in CATA. It lasts in a first module of 3 hours (only). A cost of 15 thousand colones and is given on Fridays. Limited capacity of 10 seats per session. It includes tasting of 6 labels, black glasses, as well as pairing with gourmet products. You must set aside your quota making a deposit in our accounts in advance and send the receipt to the mail NUMBERS COUNT SYLSTORE COMPANY - Colones Current Account National Bank Account: 100-01-114-000700-8 - Client Account: 15111410010007002 Account Account Savings Bank of Costa Rica: # 001-11434317, Client Account # 15202001114343175 Legal Document 3-101-314771 Special discounts for CORPORATE GROUPS. We are located in Heredia, if you have any questions, let us know and we will gladly assist you. Thank you

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